Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The academically inclined an getting them quotes for car insurance

When you compare us to the rest of the world, the international rankings show us performing badly. European and Asian countries have more postgraduates and graduates and, perhaps more importantly, produce a better trained workforce with math skills and considerable engineering experience. We struggle to build on the Head Start Program to keep the teaching at our schools and colleges on the highest possible level. The result is a slide in the work we can do and, with fewer jobs, we cannot have a better life.

Coming to you as an individual, this means you should always continue studying to improve your knowledge and expand the work you can do. As a teen, you should aim for the best possible grade point average (GPA). Just going through the high school experience is no longer enough. There's such competition for fewer jobs, you will struggle to find anything that pays a good wage. To get yourself better paid jobs you can get a bachelors degree to give yourself an edge, as long as you have a good GPA and SAT score.

Car insurance quotes for postgraduates

As a byproduct, the insurance industry has discovered people with a high GPA and both a degree and postgraduate qualification are less likely to be involved in a traffic accident. It seems people who are responsible when planning their education and future careers, are also responsible when they drive. This means the people who do best in educational terms not only get the best jobs, they also get cheap car insurance. It's a kind of reward for those who do well for themselves, and protect themselves and their families when they drive. For those that don't do well in their academics this may not appear to be very fair, although it is what it is, just like all the different factors that are used to set the car insurance quotes. Whether it is more or less fair that the factors used in a credit score is anyone's guess.

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