Friday, June 22, 2012

How to Buy Cheap Car Insurance

Like many things today, it seems as though the cost of insurance is rising. Since all drivers are required to have insurance, more often than not they prefer cheap car insurance. When looking for affordable insurance, there are recommendations you can follow to find the very best coverage at the lowest rates.

Take Advantage of Membership Benefits

Being a member of certain organizations has its perks, including lower rates on insurance. Several memberships are particularly beneficial to drivers. These include AAA and AARP which offer significant discounts on auto insurance. Even membership in chambers of commerce or warehouse chains like Costco can save you money on insurance.

Manage Mileage

The less you drive your car, the better insurance rates you can get. This is because the chances of you becoming involved in an accident are reduced. You may even want to consider pay-as-you-drive insurance programs which track your mileage and bill you accordingly. Insurance companies are more than willing to give you reduced rates in exchange for being on the road less frequently.

Look for Discounts

It is possible to save over 50% on your insurance costs with discounts. All insurance companies offer discounts of some sort. The most common types include safe driver, good student, and senior discounts. But there are many more that your insurance provider offers. It is your responsibility to make sure you receive all discounts you are eligible to receive.

Consider Where You Live

Your location is a major factor when it comes to cost savings. Not only your actual neighborhood but also the state in which you live can impact your premiums. Certain states are simply cheaper. States with fewer people, such as North Dakota, offer some of the lowest insurance rates in the country. Living in states that are more populated, including Florida and New York, will result in higher premiums.

These are just some of the ways you can get cheap car insurance. It merely takes a little work on your part to compare policies offered by multiple insurance companies by requesting free quotes from all who provide cheap car insurance.

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