Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Car insurance quotes and the black box

If you ask most folks, they would tell you they were great drivers. What do your friends of family think? It is subjective. Most folks would judge your behavior on whether or not they do the same thing. So how can you prove you are safe driver? How do you get car insurance quotes based on your true driving habits?
Being a safe driver is more than not being in accidents. I have watched a number of people cause accidents on the road that they never knew happened because it was behind them. You have seen it too. The person who crosses three lanes without signaling heading for an exit. You may have even been in the mayhem of tires screeching behind them, as they blindly did what they thought was ok. We have all had the person in front of us who seems to brake periodically for invisible aliens, then speeds away. My all time favorite is the person who has to speed right up to the red light, brake, gun it for the green only to brake suddenly at the next red light and repeat the procedure as if the car only has two modes, stop and go. If they had no accident history, and the insurance company asked if they were a good driver, they would say yes.
What if you really are a safe driver, and want a way to get out of the actuarial table and prove you are better than they are? Go for the box or the pay as you drive program. Europe has been doing this for years, and it is just catching on here. If you car is equipped with a satellite navigation system you may qualify for a program that uses the information from your autos black box to record your driving habits. Otherwise you may get a black box from the insurance company that connects to your under dash diagnostic port. Both will record you average speeds, the speeds that you take turns, how you apply your brakes, and average distances. The box digitally sends the information to the insurance company much the same way you use your cell phone, and analyzed to show exactly how you drive.

There exist black box car insurance discounts

If you know you are a good driver, then compare car insurance quotes for companies that offer black box discounts. Review how their program works, and ask how much you can expect to save.

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