Friday, September 23, 2011

Typical Requirements For Business Loans

Seeking a business loan requires preparation and excellent documentation of your businesses financial health. The following list will help get you started, complete and accurate information will help the lender complete their review with a better chance of reaching approval. Pay close attention to financial projections and cash flow needs, they must be believable and supported by your business plan market assumptions

Proof read your documents as errors will delay review and possible cause rejection. Have someone else review you documents did they clearly understand what you wrote?

I. Cover Letter --States who you are, how much money is needed, what the money will purchase and what results are expected.

II. Business Plan
A. Description of the business
B. History and nature of business
C. Ownership structure. Attach contracts or organizing charter, copies of business licenses, EIN, Resolution/Articles of Incorporation or partnership contracts.
D. Key Management resumes
E. Description of product/service and market place. Including competition, market area, major customers, major suppliers, description of plant and equipment
F. Amount of loan requested. Specific dollar amount and purpose of loan, use and benefits, amount of owner’s contribution, primary source of repayment and repayment terms, list of collateral.

III. Business Financial Reports
A. Projected cash flow budget, income statement, balance sheet, financial assumptions
B. Business financial history for last three years
C. Tax returns for last three years
D. Itemization of all debts
E. Current aging of accounts receivable

IV. Personal Financial Statements (for each co-owner)
A. Recent personal financial statements, recent
B. Personal Tax returns for last three years

V. Attachments
A. Application forms.
B. Business incorporation documents, partnership agreements, buy/sell agreements, etc.
C. Legal documents: leases, contracts, franchise agreements,
D. Detailed lists of assets to be purchased
E. Summary of market research
F. Supporting documentation, pictures, plans, contractor estimates, customer contracts.

NOTE: Loan Decisions Points – Lenders have several critical decisions points. The information you provide must prove to a lender your ability to accomplish your business goals.  A lender review will include but is not limited to:

• Evidence of your ability to achieve the cash flow budget
• Total amount existing debt and how much more debt will be added with a new loan
• Ability to pay all of your debts and still be profitable
• Personal and business credit history
• Amount you are investing as the owner
• Amount of collateral
• Potential risk of business failure
• New business vs. well established business

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